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Last updated on February 8, 2006

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A [Abnormal Menses] [Abdominal Pain]
  [Acne] [Acute Gastritis & Acute Enteritis]
  [Acute Sprain of Waist] [Allergic Colonitis]
  [Allergic Rhinitis] [Alopecia Areata]
  [Anaemia] [Ankylosing Spondylitis]
  [Anorexia] [Apoplectoid Sequelae]
  [Appendicitis] [Arrhythmia]
  [Asthma] [Aural Vertigo]
B [Bacillary Dysentery] [Bronchitis]
C [Cataract] [Chloasma]
  [Cholecystitis & Cholelithiasis] [Chronic Gastritis]
  [Chronic Hepatitis] [Chronic Lumbago]
  [Chronic Nephritis] [Chronic Pelvic Infection]
  [Chronic Pharyngitis] [Chronic Rhinitis]
  [Common Cold] [Conjunctivitis]
  [Constipation] [Coronary Heart Disease]
  [Costal Cartilage Inflammation]
D [Dermatophytosis] [Diabetes]
  [Dysmenorrhea] [Dyspepsia]
E [Eczema] [Emphysema]
  [Epilepsy] [Epistaxis]
F [Facial Paralysis] [Freckle]
  [Functional Disorder Syndrome of Temporal Mandible Joint]
G [Gastric Ulcer & Duodenum Ulcer] [Gastroptosis]
H [Headache] [Hemorrhoid]
  [Herpes Zoster] [Hiccup]
  [Hyperplasia of the Lobular Mammary Gland]
  [Hyperplasia & Protrusion of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc]
  [Hypertension] [Hypotension]
I [Impotence and Premature Ejaculation] [Intestinal Adhesion Post Surgery]
M [Mastitis] [Menopausal Syndrome]
  [Menoschesis] [Morbid Leukorrhea]
N [Nasosinusitis] [Necrosis of the Femoral Head]
  [Neural Dermatitis] [Neurasthenia]
O [Optic Nerve Atrophy]
P [Pain in the Heel] [Pain in the Knee Joint]
  [Periarthritis of the Shoulder] [Pneumocardial Disease]
  [Postpartum Abdominal Pain] [Postpartum Pain in the Body]
  [Postpartum Lack of Breast Milk] [Postpartum Uroschesis]
  [Premenstrual Tension Syndrome] [Prostatitis and Prostate Hypertrophy]
  [Psoriasis] [Pudendal Itching]
R [Recrudescent Mouth Ulcer] [Rectocele]
  [Rheumatoid Arthritis] [Rheumatismal Cardiopathy]
S [Sciatica] [Sebaceous Dermatitis]
  [Simplex Obesity] [Stiff Neck]
T [Tennis Elbow] [Thrombus Obstruent Vasculitis]
  [Thyroidism] [Tinnitus]
  [Tonsillitis] [Toothache]
  [Trigeminal Neuralgia]
U [Ulcerative Colonitis] [Urinary Calculus]
  [Urinary Infection] [Urticaria]
  [Uterus Prolapse]
V [Varicose Vein in the Lower Limbs] [Vertebra Pain of the Neck]
  [Virogenetic Myocarditis] [Vitiligo]
  [Vomiting of Pregnancy]